Attend the Highly Anticipated 2015 San Francisco Chinese New Year Celebration

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Most of the people living at our community celebrated the New Year on January 1, but for many people who celebrate the Chinese New Year, Thursday, February 19 is the special date. If you would like to delve into Chinese traditions, why not get involved with the San Francisco Chinese New Year celebration? There are many customs associated with this … [Read more...]

Grab a Brew at San Francisco Beer Week 2015

Golden Gate Bridge

Imagine the ultimate in beer events in San Francisco. Would it be a day or a weekend? For true beer connoissuers it would be a week. And that's exactly how long San Francisco Beer Week is. From February 6-15, you can participate in one of the best beer events around the Bay Area. It isn't just about tasting, but making, fundraising and celebrating the … [Read more...]

Get your fill at Hollywood Café

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The majority of restaurants in San Francisco serve breakfast and lunch, such as the Hollywood Cafe San Francisco. Located in Fisherman's Wharf on 530 North Point Street, it opens its doors everyday from 7 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. The walls are adorned with headshots of Hollywood faces, so why not stop by and enjoy a feast with the stars? Child-friendly, … [Read more...]

Fun things to do at San Francisco Bay

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The San Francisco Bay Area is brimming with life, making it a great place to reside, whatever your age. Lots of fitness enthusiasts and nature lovers indulge in free things to do in San Francisco, so why not join them? It doesn't have to cost a lot to explore the Bay Area, because the San Francisco Bay Trail is open to all members of the … [Read more...]

Check out the Los Angeles Department of Weather Modification

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There are many countries around the world that practice weather modification. This is the term used to describe an effort to change natural weather patterns for environmental benefit. Once embraced by the U.S. Military, this type of technology has been widely adopted to put an end to the California drought. Albeit slightly perplexing, these  facts … [Read more...]