How to Quickly Spring Clean Your SF Apartment


Multitasking is an essential skill in today's world. Between trying to balance chores, commuting, working and having fun, time becomes a precious commodity. If you want some apartment living tips that will help you clean quickly while getting sparkling results, here are a few to get you started. Invest in a caddy - If your cleaning tools and … [Read more...]

Discover Fashionable Spring Trends at Westlake Shopping Center


This spring the fashion experts are saying it's a season for floral prints, but not your grandmother's floral designs. It's also about boho, bandannas and Bermuda shorts. So, where will you go to revamp your spring wardrobe? If you're shopping in the SF Bay Area, head to the Westlake Shopping Center. Located in Daly City, The Westlake Shopping … [Read more...]

Get Involved in a Variety of Sports at The Olympic Club

Source: Pixabay

At the various recreational parks in San Francisco one could get involved and active with over several sporting options. One facility you should check out for such a chances is The Olympic Club, the oldest athletic club in the U.S. This is a recreational hot spot worthy of a membership. Here are some things you can do at this stunning … [Read more...]

Go Fishing at Lake Merced

Source: Pixabay

Fishing in San Francisco may seem odd. When you think of the city, you don't necessarily think of getting out into nature. However, Lake Merced is a wonderful fishing destination close to our Lakewood Apartments. Here are some tips and tricks to get you going if you're a beginner angler: Aim for the area where shallow and deep water meet. It's … [Read more...]

Don’t want to Paint? Using Color without Painting

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Painting is not the only way to add color to your interior design scheme. In fact, painting is prohibited in many apartment communities. If you're apartment decorating in San Francisco, and want to add some color to your space, here are a few ways to do it in each room of the house. Living room - Try area rugs and curtains to create a flow of … [Read more...]